jcool1996 asked:

do you enjoy video games?

Oh hell yes~!

I grew up on them. Still have my special pokemon gameboy color and Super Nintendo and all of the games~! I prefer retro games to the ones of today. But the new ones are okay too (just don’t have a WiiU yet)

Love pokemon to bits, Mario is half and half (don’t really like the newer ones), the old donkey kong countries were fun as heck as well.

I even have a steam (twylightchaos) where I don’t have a lot of games but the Binding of Issac and Starbound is hella fun.

I prefer action, RPGs, and platformers most of all.

Anonymous asked:

picture on that maduka costume?

When we are both in costume. Because yes.

Besides I need her permission to post it anyhow. It’s her body and I can’t do that without it yo!

Is much adorable though I’ll admit.

askbludgeonandfruitcake asked:

How have things been? Also, do you remember me at all? Also also...what is you favorite shiny form of Pokemon?

Of course I remember you XD I know I have a shoddy memory sometimes but I recognize you yeah~

Things have been going okay lately, I’m on a good ole break because of the easter weekend, then I have some finals to study for. Not too bad.

As for shinies….off the top of my head I’d have to say Flygon. I’ve already loved the design to begin with, and having the blue instead of dark green was rather beautiful to me~